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Musical Paradise
MP-401 MK2. An absolute bargain *****Pre Owned unit being [...]
$ 880.00
PIONEER SA-5500II 20watts rms pc into 8ohms. Little amp with [...]
$ 380.00
Roberts STA 36 MKIII Amplifier
Roberts STA 36 MKIII Integrated. An excellent example of thi [...]
$ 380.00
Technics SU 3000 Integrated amp
Technics SU 3000 Integrated amp. Made in Japan 1972 . In exc [...]
$ 380.00
Maplin 25 watt MOS-fet stereo amp
British Made Maplin 25 watt MOS-fet stereo amp. With phono s [...]
Trix Mono Pre – Power Amp
Munufactured by Trix Electric Company London. Extremely Rare
$ 380.00
Audio Research SP 11 Preamplifier
*SOLD* Please enquire for price
Nikko STA4020
Nikko STA4020 Stereo AM/FM Receiver. 20 watts rms pc into 8 [...]
A Kiwiana Audio Classic. Has a Shure cartridge fitted with a [...]
Nakamichi RE-1  This is a top of the line Receiver from one [...]
$ 580.00
We have two of these remarkable CD players available @ $280. [...]
$ 280.00
Pioneer SX 440
A very rare chance to purchase one of the all time great cla [...]
Kenwood KA2002A
This superb little amp is built like a piece of audio jewelr [...]
$ 380.00
Sansui AU 101
*This amp is in what can only be described as pristine like [...]
Marantz PM84 MKII
Specifications Marantz 84 mkII amplifier Output performance [...]
$ 1,480.00
Audio Research M100 Mono Blocks
Audio Research M100 Mono Blocks. Mint condition. A very rare [...]
Marantz 1050 Integrated Amp
A rare classic. Marantz 1050 Integrated Amp. *SOLD* Circa 19 [...]
Rogers Ravensbourne
A quality British amp from 1968-73.  Utilizing interstage co [...]
Dulci DPA10
Dulci DPA10 Pre/ Power amp. A great British Classic. Power a [...]
$ 380.00
Teac A-9 Integrated Amp
Here is something very seldom seen for sale. Teac A-9 Integr [...]
Rogers Ravensbrook
Rogers Ravensbrook. Integrated amp circa 1960s. 15 watts rms [...]
$ 280.00
Altec 1554A
Altec 1554A Power Distrubution Board. Rare
$ 180.00
1960’s TCC Visconol oil filled Capacitors 4uf
1960's TCC Visconol oil filled Capacitors 4uf Seven availabl [...]
$ 48.00
NAD C 320
A legendary award winning Amplifier from NAD. Excellent cond [...]