All Vintage Amplifiers

Parasound PLD1100 pre amp
Parasound PLD1100 pre amp Quality and performance made in th [...]
Rotel RA312 Integrated amp
A classic from the 70s. 18 watts rms pc Has a punchy vibrant [...]
Sinclair 2000 35 Watt Integrated Amp
A wonderful piece of British audio history. Designed and man [...]
The Office
This is the Office/Listening room as it is tonight. It is wh [...]
PYE HF 4000 Integrated
PYE HF 4000 Integrated Valve Amp 6.5 watts rms pc into 8 ohm [...]
Sony TA-4650 Vfet integrated
Sony TA-4650 Vfet integrated
Technics SU-V45A
Technics SU-V45A Integrated amplifier. 45watts pc into 8 ohm [...]
Flying Mole DAD-M100 pro
100 watt Mono Blocks Like new condition Review here http://w [...]
$ 680.00
Plinius 2100i Integrated amplifier
100wpc into 8 ohms. Highly regarded by music lovers around [...]
Kenwood KA-3500
A very popular classic from Kenwood. Made in Japan Specifica [...]
Leak Stereo 30 Plus
Leak Stereo 30 Plus. Original timber case. Unlike the early [...]
Kenwood KA-4002a
Kenwood KA-4002a . A very solid beautifuly built integrated [...]
QUAD 33-303- FM3 Tuner
British design classics. All in superb original condition. N [...]
SANSUI AU-999 Integrated amp
The triple number series of amps are regarded as some of the [...]
Sugden A48
A British Classic. UK Design Council award in 1979.  Seldom [...]
Sony TAN- 5550
Sony TAN- 5550  50wpc VFET power amp.   1975-1978 The VFET i [...]
Sony TA-1010 integrated amp
Sony TA-1010 integrated amp. 15 watts rms pc into 8 ohms.A s [...]
ECL82 Single ended valve amp
A unique one off remarkable retro system.ECL82 Single ended [...]
Fitted with a Telefunken EL34 and Mullard ECC83s Complete wi [...]
RCA LM1 32216
Very rare complete with pre amp below
Akai AM 2450
Akai AM 2450 Integrated amplifier.Quality with superb perfor [...]
Crown DC300A power amp
Crown DC300A power amp 150 watts pc 8ohm / 300watts pc 4ohm. [...]
Pioneer SX-34 Valve AM/FM Multiplex Tuner Amp
In excellent condition. New set of tubes fitted. The Magic E [...]
Rogers HG 88 MKII
Integrated amp.  Rare. More information on request