All Vintage Turntables

Pioneer PL 71 Direct Drive
A highly sought after classic Turntable. In superb conditio [...]
Akai AP 003
Belt Drive Turntable . This superb unit is in outstanding or [...]
Linn LP12
Basik tone arm. No cartridge Original packing box
The Dual 601
Regarded as the best belt drive turntable made by Dual *SOL [...]
Akai 306 Direct drive turntable in very good condition. Heav [...]
Marantz 6200
Belt drive turntable.. Magnificent !!.. Fitted with the high [...]
Aiwa System 2300
Direct drive turntable. Features a heavy Stone Resin plinth. [...]
Dual 510 Belt drive
Fitted with Ortofon OM10 cartridge. All in perfect working o [...]
Hitachi HT-65s
Direct Drive automatic turntable. A great performer fitted w [...]
Rim drive, heavy platter, massive motor, cast alloy chassis. [...]
Sony PS-5520
Belt drive turntable. A classic unit from 1973. Heavy timber [...]
Lenco L 833
DD Direct drive. A wonderful example of Swiss design and qua [...]
Sansui SR 3030BC
Belt drive turntable. Heavy platter. Quality tonearm. Fitted [...]
Pioneer PL 300
Automatic  Direct Drive Turntable. In Excellent Condition T [...]
Thorens TD125 MKII
In excellent original condition. It has been sitting in its [...]
Micro Seiki Solid 5
In excellent condition. Fitted with a Shure M95 ED cartridge [...]
A Classic JVC very heavily buit . A great performer fitted w [...]
Connoisseur SAU2 Tonearm
A British classic.
GARRARD 301 Oil bearing
Mint condition
Linn LP 12
Ittok Tonearm. Fitted with Cirkus and Valhalla upgrades. Mor [...]
Pioneer PL 12D
One of the most popular turntables ever made. A simple well [...]
Technics SL 1900
Direct Drive. Fitted with the superb AudioTechnica AT155LC c [...]
Technics SL 221
Belt drive turntable. Fitted with new belt and a Denon DL 60 [...]
Luxman PD 264
Direct Drive . Outstanding design - Superb quality Fitted w [...]