Dynavector Karat 17D2 MKII Cartridge

For more than 40 years Dynavector has been producing very high quality moving coil cartridges in Japan and had established an enviable reputation among hi-fi amateurs.

Dynavector Karat is notable for its gemstone cantilever. This 1.7 mm long and 0.25 mm in diameter solid diamond cantilever has its 0.06 square mm stylus mounting hole precision cut by a laser beam machining process. The Micro Ridge of 0.06 square mm nude diamond stylus is carefully mounted in the cantilever.
The armature of 0.9 mm square and 0.4 mm thick is much smaller than normal, upon which are wounded 70 turns per channel of 11 micron fine wire.

Due to the short rigid construction of the cantilever the 17D2MKll showed a flat frequency response up to 50KHz.

The New 17D2MKII now features Dynavector’s unique magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism (patent) along with powerful Neodymium magnet that combine to eliminate any hardness or irritating edginess that commonly occurs in many moving coil cartridges. This has also enabled to increase the output of 0.26mV.

This excellent example was very seldom used by the original owner,estimate less than 50 hours.
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Price: $ 1,088.00
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