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MP-401 MK2.

An absolute bargain
*****Pre Owned unit being sold buy a client upgrading to a more powerful unit********
***Factory approved upgrades to this amp are

**KT120 Output tubes fitted

**Western Electric 717A tubes fitted

**RCA 6SJ7 Tubes fitted

**Coupling Caps replaced with Russian Military PIO Caps

This single ended Pentode amp is destined to become a legend in its own time . Designed in Canada.

It features Obbligato Gold coupling caps and the superb Tungsol KT120 output tubes these tubes are now the valves of choice for the renowned American manufacturer Audio Research.

Here is a short review of the KT 120

What is immediately obvious over the KT 88 is the scale of the music. The soundstage has grown noticeably, and sounds that were locked near to the speakers previously now jumped out into the room. Bass was no more extended than before but certainly had more texture and felt more in control. Midrange presence and tone were maybe a bit better than before but what really stood out was the clear, extended treble. I hadn’t realized that I had gotten used to the rolled off sound of the KT 88 and was pleasantly surprised at the sweet, shimmering sounds now being played. Also of note was the way these valves separated the strands of the music out more than before, allowing you to hear details previously covered up.


1. Single ended class A (triode mode)

2. Zero global negative feedback for more natural tone

3. Fully gold plated PCB for better signal purity

4. Aluminum case

5. High quality gold plated RCA and speaker terminals

6. Super quiet NMB-MAT fan for better ventilation

7. ALPS high quality motorized analog remote volume control

8. Remote volume system is built by open source Arduino platform, user programmable

9. Obbligato Gold coupling caps provide superior fidelity, texture and extension.

10. High quality Vishay Dale resistors, Nichicon, Philips BC, WIMA capacitors to provide the best reliability and performance.


1.   Three groups of RCA analog inputs

2.   4 and 8 ohm speakers output (24W/Channel KT120) (15W/Channel KT88)

3.   32-600ohm headphone output

4.   Remote volume control

5.   Switchable global voltage support (110V,120V,220V,240V)

6. Auto biasing design that eliminates manual adjustment



MP-401 MK2

Tubes (Default)

KT88 x 2, 6J8P x 4

Tubes (Optional)

KT120 x 2, KT150 x 2, 6SJ7 x 4


Class-A Single Ended

Output Power (RMS)

24W x 2 (KT120, KT150), 15W x 2 (KT88)

Output impedance

4Ω – 8Ω

Frequency Response

15Hz – 30Khz


<=1% (1Khz)



AC Input

100-120V / 220-240V 50-60Hz Worldwide Use




(W 43CM x L 45CM x H 25CM)


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Price: $ 880.00
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