All Vintage Amplifiers

Fisher 534 Quadraphonic Receiver
A magnificent Fisher 534 Quadraphonic Receiver. This 20Kg m [...]
Leak TL12 plus amps
A very rare chance indeed. *SOLD* Available for sale now.A [...]
JG Valve amp
GJ True Fidelity Integrated valve Amp 10 watts rms pc. *SOLD [...]
Roberts STA 50 Integrated Amplifier
The Roberts STA 50 MK One is a highly regarded integrated am [...]
$ 480.00
A superb Perreaux GS 1221 integrated amp Circa 1975. A wond [...]
Kenwood KR 2300 Ampifier
The build quality of Kenwood amps from this era is outstandi [...]
$ 480.00
NAD 4020A Tuner
The NAD 4020A is a giant killer amongst tuners many times it [...]
$ 280.00
Peachtree Decco 2 Integrated amplifier DAC
Decco2 Specifications *SOLD* Amp 40 watts per channel
Hitachi HA 4700 Integrated Amplifier
A powerful and superb performer in excellent condition *SOL [...]
SONY STR-2800L Receiver
FM.AM.LW A classic from the 70s. Quality and great performer [...]
$ 350.00
Rait 30-30 Pre & Power amp
Rait 30-30 Pre & Power amp. Designed and manufactured by [...]
$ 480.00
PYE Allegro Valve AM Tuner
PYE Allegro Valve AM Tuner. Companion for the PYE amp above
$ 180.00
Sansui SA-500
Sansui SA-500 Spring Reverberation Amplifier. In excellent c [...]
Ducon 500 MFD 100V Capacitors
Four available, price for one
$ 38.00
PYE Amps
Here is a very rare chance. A pair of PYE Black Box Monobloc [...]
$ 680.00
Akai AA 8030
A superb classic receiver as only the Japanese could make th [...]
$ 380.00
AR Cambridge A 60
A British made classic integrated The Arcam A60 Amplifier d [...]
$ 480.00
James Hobby Art
Art works by James Hobby are now available thru VintageAudio [...]
Nikko TRM 300 Integrated
This superb little amp from 1974 is an outstanding performer [...]
QUAD VENA Integrated Amp Dac
Vena *SOLD* Equipped for the modern music lover, yet still [...]
Standard Radio Corp Tokyo. PM158W Integrated Amplifier
Where it all began . Standard Radio Corp later went on to be [...]
$ 380.00
Kenwood KA 3500
Kenwood KA 3500 *SOLD* Kenwood KA 3500 Integrated. This s [...]
JVC JR-S100 Receiver
Stunning design and performance from this JVC Classic Tuni [...]
$ 380.00
LUXMAN R-5001 Receiver
The name Luxman and quality go hand in hand.A name respected [...]
$ 480.00