All Vintage Amplifiers

This iconic design features a cast alloy clam shell case, a [...]
Rait 60-60 Pre & Power Amp
An Iconic New Zealand made Amplifier. *SOLD* Manufactured [...]
A design icon in excellent condition *Complete with original [...]
$ 580.00
Sony TC-500
Worth its asking price for the valve amp alone Pictured Bel [...]
$ 280.00
Sony masterpiece
A Sony masterpiece. Rare to find in such good condition *SO [...]
PYE Amps
Here is a very rare chance. A pair of PYE Black Box Monobloc [...]
$ 680.00
Akai AA 8030
A superb classic receiver as only the Japanese could make th [...]
$ 380.00
A&R Cambridge A 60
A British made classic integrated . *SOLD* The Arcam A60 Am [...]
Quad 33 303
A classic British combination *SOLD* The Quad 33 selects a [...]
A wonderful piece of Kiwi audio history in great condition. [...]
$ 128.00
Denon DA-3000 USB DAC
As new condition with original packing and instruction manua [...]
$ 399.00
Pioneer SA 6200 Integrated Amplifier
The SA 6200 is a remarkable wide bandwidth amplifier. An out [...]
Musical Fidelity 3A Preamplifier
OVERVIEW *SOLD TO HONG KONG* Based on valve designs, the "P [...]
$ 380.00
HARMAN KARDON PM650 Integrated Amplifier
Hi Current Capability Integrated Amplifier (1983-84) Power o [...]
$ 380.00
Denon UD-M3 Mini System JPW ML 110 Speakers
A five star review. The sound of this compact system would b [...]
$ 380.00
The very rare Cross Audio 25 Amplifier. I produced these amp [...]
JVC R-S33 AM/FM Receiver
40 watts pc into 8 ohms. In excellent original condition. A [...]
$ 180.00
Trio HF-82PM Hi Fi Receiver
Trio HF-82PM Hi Fi Receiver. Very Very Rare. Made in Japan 1 [...]
$ 580.00
Pioneer 7120 Valve integrated amp
This remarkable amp amp from the 1960s was manufactured unde [...]
Sansui AU 101
The smallest of this highly regarded classic range of amplif [...]
Fisher CA-350
An American classic 50 watts RMS pc into 8 ohms *SOLD* In [...]
A Kiwiana Audio Classic. Has a Shure cartridge fitted with a [...]
Nakamichi RE-1  This is a top of the line Receiver from one [...]
Pioneer SX 440
A very rare chance to purchase one of the all time great cla [...]