All Vintage Amplifiers

Sansui model QS-1 Quadraphonic Synthesizer . Very rare and s [...]
Technics SU 610
Technics SU 610 Integrated amp. A great amp at a great price [...]
James Hobby Art
Art works by James Hobby are now available thru VintageAudio [...]
Nikko TRM 300 Integrated
This superb little amp from 1974 is an outstanding performer [...]
QUAD VENA Integrated Amp Dac
Vena *SOLD* Equipped for the modern music lover, yet still [...]
Standard Radio Corp Tokyo. PM158W Integrated Amplifier
Where it all began . Standard Radio Corp later went on to be [...]
$ 380.00
Kenwood KA 3500
Kenwood KA 3500 *SOLD* Kenwood KA 3500 Integrated. This s [...]
JVC JR-S100 Receiver
Stunning design and performance from this JVC Classic Tuni [...]
$ 380.00
Pioneer SX-950 & PL-550
This Magnificent Duo have just arrived for sale .Please enqu [...]
Audio Research D 115 Amplifier
Audio Research D-115 audio research d-115 high definition s [...]
$ 2,800.00
Pioneer SA-500A Integrated amp
The baby of this highly regarded series. Fitted with timber [...]
$ 380.00
Hand cut Macrocarpa Native New Zealand timber. Finished with [...]
$ 118.00
SONY TA 313 Integrated Amp. A Great Performer *SOLD* A uni [...]
Dual CV 20 Integrated amplifier
Dual CV 20 Integrated amplifier. A most collectable classic [...]
$ 280.00
EL 84 Valve amp
A superb home built Single Ended EL 84 Valve amp. Telefunke [...]
Technics SU-V303 Amplifier
Technics SU-V303 Integrated amplifier .One of the the best p [...]
$ 380.00
Philips 22RH732
The Philips RH732 in a very stylish receiver  with matching [...]
Kenwood KA2002A
This superb little amp is built like a piece of audio jewelr [...]
Sansui AU 101
*This amp is in what can only be described as pristine like [...]
Marantz PM84 MKII
Specifications Marantz 84 mkII amplifier Output performance [...]
Rotel RA-1210 Integrated Amplifier
A Classic Masterpiece in excellent condition *SOLD* Specific [...]
Leak 2200 Integrated Amplifier
Leak 2200 Integrated amplifier A very stylish british made a [...]
$ 380.00
Sanyo A10/R10 Amplifier & Tuner
A beautifully made Mini system .Manufactured in Japan Sanyo [...]
$ 380.00
PIONEER SA 6300 Integrated Amplifier
From the golden age of audio. A superb integrated amplifier [...]
$ 380.00