All Vintage Amplifiers

SONY STR 1800 AM/FM Receiver
A silver beauty from 1976. 25watts pc
$ 250.00
YAMAHA CA-500 Integrated 20 watts rms into 8 ohms.   SOLD* A [...]
Flying Mole DAD-M100 pro
100 watt Mono Blocks Like new condition Review here http://w [...]
$ 680.00
Kenwood KR-33 Receiver
A cool retro classic from the 1960s
$ 280.00
Roberts STA 60
The Roberts SAT 60 Integrated is an iconic New Zealand made [...]
DPA Renaissance Amplifier
$ 580.00
Nakamichi PA-7 CA-5
A very rare chance to own a classic combination *SOLD* Cir [...]
Sony TA-1010
The classic Sony TA-1010 integrated amp was manufactured in [...]
$ 380.00
Expo EI- 5 x 4 Amplifier
It is not often I list an Item I have no information about. [...]
Pioneer SD-1100 Stereo Display
*SOLD* The serious audio enthusiast who has long sought a p [...]
Phillips Amplifier
Phillips maybe one of the largest electronic companies on th [...]
$ 280.00
This iconic design features a cast alloy clam shell case, a [...]
Rait 60-60 Pre & Power Amp
An Iconic New Zealand made Amplifier. *SOLD* Manufactured [...]
A design icon in excellent condition *Complete with original [...]
$ 580.00
Sony TC-500
Worth its asking price for the valve amp alone Pictured Bel [...]
$ 280.00
Sony masterpiece
A Sony masterpiece. Rare to find in such good condition *SO [...]
Sansui model QS-1 Quadraphonic Synthesizer . Very rare and s [...]
Technics SU 610
Technics SU 610 Integrated amp. A great amp at a great price [...]
Pioneer A 305
Pioneer A 305 Integrated amplifier. A great amplifier at a [...]
$ 180.00
A classic Kiwi combination PMF 1850 Amplifier *SOLD* SA3 [...]
Accuphase e303 Integrated Amplifier
One of the most legendary integrated amplifiers of all time. [...]
$ 2,800.00
Wharfedale Glendale Receiver
A very rare product from Wharfedale The Glendale receiver wa [...]
$ 380.00
JVC R-S33 AM/FM Receiver
40 watts pc into 8 ohms. In excellent original condition. A [...]
$ 180.00
Trio HF-82PM Hi Fi Receiver
Trio HF-82PM Hi Fi Receiver. Very Very Rare. Made in Japan 1 [...]
$ 580.00