All Vintage Amplifiers

Denon DA-3000 USB DAC
As new condition with original packing and instruction manua [...]
$ 399.00
Pioneer SA 6200 Integrated Amplifier
The SA 6200 is a remarkable wide bandwidth amplifier. An out [...]
Musical Fidelity 3A Preamplifier
OVERVIEW *SOLD TO HONG KONG* Based on valve designs, the "P [...]
$ 380.00
HARMAN KARDON PM650 Integrated Amplifier
Hi Current Capability Integrated Amplifier (1983-84) Power o [...]
$ 380.00
Denon UD-M3 Mini System JPW ML 110 Speakers
A five star review. The sound of this compact system would b [...]
$ 380.00
PIONEER SA-5500II 20watts rms pc into 8ohms. Little amp with [...]
$ 380.00
Roberts STA 36 MKIII Amplifier
Roberts STA 36 MKIII Integrated. An excellent example of thi [...]
$ 380.00
Maplin 25 watt MOS-fet stereo amp
British Made Maplin 25 watt MOS-fet stereo amp. With phono s [...]
Trix Mono Pre – Power Amp
Munufactured by Trix Electric Company London. Extremely Rare
$ 380.00
Audio Research SP 11 Preamplifier
*SOLD* Please enquire for price
Nikko STA4020
Nikko STA4020 Stereo AM/FM Receiver. 20 watts rms pc into 8 [...]
Roberts STA 60
The Roberts SAT 60 Integrated is an iconic New Zealand made [...]
DPA Renaissance Amplifier
    *SOLD TO ISRAEL*                                   [...]
Nakamichi PA-7 CA-5
A very rare chance to own a classic combination *SOLD* Cir [...]
Sony TA-1010
The classic Sony TA-1010 integrated amp was manufactured in [...]
$ 380.00
Arcam Alpha 8R integrated Amplifier
Complete with instruction manual and remote control Specifi [...]
$ 480.00
Dynavector SSP/M101 Integrated Amplifier
The Dynavector SSP/M101 is a very rare Super Stereo amplifie [...]
$ 680.00
Philips Integrated Amplifier
A mystery amp made by Philips NZ .No model number . This ret [...]
$ 180.00
QUAD 99 Monoblock Amplifiers
Seldom offered. This pair come in their original packing box [...]
Sansui 1000X Receiver
Sansui 1000X Receiver in unmarked original condition *SOLD* [...]
Audio Research M100 Mono Blocks
Audio Research M100 Mono Blocks. Mint condition. A very rare [...]
Marantz 1050 Integrated Amp
A timeless classic. Marantz 1050 Integrated Amp. Circa 1970 [...]
Rogers Ravensbourne
A quality British amp from 1968-73.  Utilizing interstage co [...]
Dulci DPA10
Dulci DPA10 Pre/ Power amp. A great British Classic. Power a [...]
$ 380.00