All Vintage Amplifiers

Rogers Ravensbourne
A quality British amp from 1968-73.  Utilizing interstage co [...]
Dulci DPA10
Dulci DPA10 Pre/ Power amp. A great British Classic. Power a [...]
$ 380.00
Teac A-9 Integrated Amp
Here is something very seldom seen for sale. Teac A-9 Integr [...]
Rogers Ravensbrook
Rogers Ravensbrook. Integrated amp circa 1960s. 15 watts rms [...]
Altec 1554A
Altec 1554A Power Distrubution Board. Rare
$ 180.00
1960’s TCC Visconol oil filled Capacitors 4uf
1960's TCC Visconol oil filled Capacitors 4uf Seven availabl [...]
$ 48.00
Sansui model QS-1 Quadraphonic Synthesizer . Very rare and s [...]
Technics SU 610
Technics SU 610 Integrated amp. A great amp at a great price [...]
Pioneer A 305
*SOLD* Pioneer A 305 Integrated amplifier. A great amplifie [...]
A classic Kiwi combination PMF 1850 Amplifier *SOLD* SA3 [...]
Expo EI- 5 x 4 Amplifier
It is not often I list an Item I have no information about. [...]
Pioneer SD-1100 Stereo Display
*SOLD* The serious audio enthusiast who has long sought a p [...]
Phillips Amplifier
Phillips maybe one of the largest electronic companies on th [...]
Technics SU-Z2 Integrated Amplifier
An outstanding performer from Technics in excellent conditi [...]
Pioneer SA-500A Integrated amp
The baby of this highly regarded series. Fitted with timber [...]
$ 380.00
Hand cut Macrocarpa Native New Zealand timber. Finished with [...]
$ 118.00
SONY TA 313 Integrated Amp. A Great Performer *SOLD* A uni [...]
Dual CV 20 Integrated amplifier
Dual CV 20 Integrated amplifier. A most collectable classic [...]
$ 280.00
EL 84 Valve amp
A superb home built Single Ended EL 84 Valve amp. Telefunke [...]
Technics SU-V303 Amplifier
Technics SU-V303 Integrated amplifier .One of the the best p [...]
$ 380.00
Philips 22RH732
The Philips RH732 in a very stylish receiver  with matching [...]
Rotel RA500
One of my favourite early amps from Rotel .Dynamic sound wi [...]
Scott Stereomaster 631
An American classic . The 631 has outstanding FM performance [...]
$ 380.00
Accuphase e303 Integrated Amplifier
One of the most legendary integrated amplifiers of all time. [...]
$ 2,800.00