All Vintage Amplifiers

Fitted with a Telefunken EL34 and Mullard ECC83s Complete wi [...]
RCA LM1 32216
Very rare complete with pre amp below
AIWA Mini component system.ST-R30 AM/FM Tuner. SA-A30 Amp ra [...]
Hafler Trans Nova 9500 MOSFET Power Amp
Hafler Trans Nova 9500 MOSFET Power Amp. 250 watts rms pc in [...]
Perreaux 1221 Integrated Amp
Kiwi Audio History. Perreaux 1221 Integrated Amp. One of the [...]
A classic integrated from 1973. Excellent condition
Another great performer from Sansui 18 watts rms pc Voltage [...]
Sonophone D4020 III
A wonderful part of Kiwi audio history and a great performer [...]
Tokai Prinstar SMC 26 stereo amp
Manufactured by one of Japans leading guitar manufactures. E [...]
Linn Intek Integrated amp
Linn  Intek Integrated amp. 50 watts pc into 8ohms. Great ph [...]
Akai AA-5500
Akai AA-5500 Integrated Amplifier I recently sold the small [...]
Leak Stereo 30 Plus
Leak Stereo 30 Plus integrated Amp. Original Teak Case. Rare [...]
We have two of these remarkable CD players available *SOLD* [...]
Accuphase DP55
Accuphase DP55. A Digital statement from one of Japans most [...]
Linn Classik
Linn Classik. This is an early model without tuner. Regarded [...]
Pioneer SX-6000 Receiver
Pioneer SX-6000 Receiver A superb classic from 1971. 35watts [...]
Revox Elegence System
Quality and Performance with superb design
The Sansui AU-101
The Sansui AU-101 may be the smallest in the AU range but it [...]
Rotel RA 860 Integrated amp
Rotel RA 860 Integrated amp. Dual power transformer,Dual mon [...]
Forte/Threshold F44 Line level Preamp
Forte/Threshold F44 Line level Preamp. Balanced XLR and RCA [...]
AKAI. AA-5200
AKAI. AA-5200. A classic from the 1970s. In great condition. [...]
Rait 60-60 Pre Power amp
A Classic Kiwi Icon. Rait 60-60 Pre Power amp. This amp is [...]
Luxman L-30 Integrated amp
30 watts rms pc into 8 ohms. Superb Rosewood timber case * [...]
TRIO / KENWOOD TK-250E Integrated Amplifier
Model: TK-250 - Trio-Kenwood Electronic Inc.; *Complete with [...]