All Vintage Speakers

A pair of Goodmans Axiom 401
12 inch wide range drivers. In very good condition
$ 400.00
National 8 inch EAS-20 PX27
Duaxial speakers. In a pair of beautifully made ducted enclo [...]
$ 280.00
PHILIPS Art Deco extension speaker
A design classic. Two available Price for one . Circa 1950s [...]
Rola 12PX
12 inch wide range speakers. Alnico magnets. The whizzer con [...]
Whiteley Stentorian
Cone Tweeters in perfect working condition *SOLD TO QATAR*
Allen HC 15
Three Way Speaker System Made in USA Features the superb K [...]
$ 880.00
Celestion 18
18 inch driver. Circa 1960s ?. In perfect working condition
$ 180.00
Goodmans Twin Axiom
10" Fullrange drivers . In excellent condition
$ 480.00
KEF Cantors White
A pair of KEF Cantors in original KEF White. Rare. *SOLD* [...]
$ 380.00
British Thompson Houston
This massive 18 inch driver features a diecast chassis and a [...]
Akai SW155
This pair are in excellent original condition. *SOLD* [...]
Gale 301
Gale 301. A most iconic British speaker manufacturer Gale ha [...]
Another pair of JBL L26 with freshly refoamed woofers ready [...]
JPW P1 Speakers
A highly regarded British made 2 way speaker *SOLD* Featu [...]
Pioneer PAX 20 H .Custom Enclosures
This magnificent pair of speakers features the Pioneer PAX [...]
$ 880.00
Bowers & Wilkins DM11 Loudspeakers
This classic two way design from B&W is an outstanding perfo [...]
Bowers & Wilkins 602 Loudspeakers
B&W 602 a very well reviewed pair of speakers from one of th [...]
Denon UD-M3 Mini System JPW ML 110 Speakers
A five star review. The sound of this compact system would b [...]
$ 380.00
Energy Connoisseur C-2 loudspeaker
*SOLD* Against the B&W DM602 The occasional comments above [...]
Infinity Reference 81 MK II 3 way Speakers
Infinity is an iconic American speaker manufacturer The ref [...]
$ 480.00
Celestion Art Deco Speaker
With 8 inch fullrange driver. Very Rare *SOLD*
A quality coaxial driver 30 watts 8 ohms. Circa 1970s
$ 200.00
Pioneer PAX-A20
8 inch drivers . Bass/mid driven fullrange. Single capacitor [...]
Goodmans Trebax 100 Horn Tweeters
Pair of Goodmans Trebax 100 Horn Tweeters 15 ohm. Rare and v [...]