All Vintage Speakers

Proac Super Tablettes
A very rare chance to buy as people seldom part with these. [...]
Cain & Cain
Cain & Cain Abbeys TQW Fostex drivers
Goodmans Axiom 10
15/16 Ohm 96dB In great condition.
LS3/5a clones
A magnificent pair of LS3/5a clones. KEF B110 & T27. Bui [...]
Philips AD 12100 M8
12 inch fullrange driver 98dB 8 ohm. In excellent condition.
Shahinian Obelisks
A very rare chance to purchase a late model pair of Obelisks [...]
Tannoy Stratford
8 inch two way with horn tweeter. A balanced performer that [...]
Philips AD1256M8
12 inch fullrange drivers. Large Alnico magnets. Becoming ha [...]
JPW Sonata
A superb British design Excellent condition
Goodmans Magnum SL3s
A 12 inch 3 way design in wonderful original condition.
Thiel CS 2 2
Seldom offered for sale Complete with original packing boxe [...]
Akai Omnidirectional speakers
Feature 6  3.5 inch fullrange drivers per speaker for 360 de [...]
Davred SC42
Compact Speakers. Feature 2 x 3inch drivers. 16ohm. Heavy so [...]
Goodmans dB50
Feature Direct coupled 12 inch bass/mid driver and a cast al [...]
Jensen 12PH16A
As fitted to Victor speaker.Jensen 12PH16A 12 inch driver. F [...]
Living Audio CE-1acII
Three way acoustic suspension. 12inch woofer. 5inch mid. Cel [...]
RCA 15inch drivers
British commonwealth version of the famous American MI9449 b [...]
Custom Speakers
Large solid timber corner enclosures. Originaly fitted with [...]
Triangle Scalene
2 way floor standing 91dB 8ohms. 6.5 inch bass mid 1 inch tw [...]
Marconi EMI 31006
Very very rare.Marconi EMI  31006. Two way. Sealed enclosure [...]
Akai SW125
In excellent original condition. Circa 1970. Three way porte [...]
Tannoy 3 LZ
One only. All offers considered
JVC msb
JVC 6.5 inch 2way speakers from the early 70s. As with many [...]
B&W DM 22
Bowers and Wilkins DM22 speakers are very seldom offers for [...]