All Vintage Speakers

Plessey C8MX
8 inch 16 ohm drivers.In excellent condition . Perfect for y [...]
$ 80.00
Plessey C80
8 Inch Wide range Blue cone drivers. 15 ohm perfect for your [...]
$ 80.00
The ultimate desktop speakers?
A 2 way design manufactured by AWA NZ it features the superb [...]
Custom built
A pair of remarkable custom built speakers. They feature vin [...]
$ 1,800.00
Philips Wide Range Drivers
6.5 inch. Excellent tone Alnico Magnets Circa 1950/60s * [...]
Acapella 5th Avenue MK1
This is a very rare chance to own a magnificent pair of spea [...]
Goodmans Axiom 110. 10 inch wide range drivers. Becoming ver [...]
$ 480.00
Rogers Export Monitor
A very rare opportunity to purchase a pair of these legendar [...]
William Burhoe has been designing innovative world-class spe [...]
$ 480.00
Rogers LS 2
*SOLD* Designed to suit the smaller room where space is at [...]
Pioneer PAX 20 H .Custom Enclosures
This magnificent pair of speakers features the Pioneer PAX [...]
$ 880.00
Bowers & Wilkins DM11 Loudspeakers
This classic two way design from B&W is an outstanding perfo [...]
Bowers & Wilkins 602 Loudspeakers
B&W 602 a very well reviewed pair of speakers from one of th [...]
Denon UD-M3 Mini System JPW ML 110 Speakers
A five star review. The sound of this compact system would b [...]
$ 380.00
Energy Connoisseur C-2 loudspeaker
*SOLD* Against the B&W DM602 The occasional comments above [...]
Infinity Reference 81 MK II 3 way Speakers
Infinity is an iconic American speaker manufacturer The ref [...]
$ 480.00
Hand cut Macrocarpa Native New Zealand timber. Finished with [...]
$ 118.00
National EAS-20 PX27
Du Axial drivers. Alnico magnets. Sensitivity 98dB In excell [...]
$ 280.00
PHILIPS 8inch fullrange drivers
Large Alnico magnets Bakerlite diffuser cone. Suspension is [...]
$ 400.00
Selenium D220TI
Compression Drivers. This pair have had the rear chambers mi [...]
$ 200.00
A rare brochure
For the GEC "FR" Metal Cone Loudspeaker *Post free Worldwid [...]
$ 48.00
Dave Berriman is one of the UKs leading speaker designers. C [...]
$ 580.00
Onkyo solid timber speakers
A pair of superbly crafted solid timber speakers. No nasty M [...]
$ 280.00
A remarkable pair of speakers featuring JBL 2405 Slot tweet [...]