All Vintage Speakers

Pioneer PAX-A30
Here is somthing very rare. Pioneer PAX-A30 in original fact [...]
Sony APM-33W
Outstanding performance and leading edge design. Sonys APM s [...]
Akai SW 42
Here is something very rare Akai Jet Stream speakers big bro [...]
B&W Nautilus DM303
In excellent condition A very informative review here http: [...]
15 inch Tannoy Reds with crossovers
We have available for sale a pair of 15 inch Tannoy Reds wit [...]
Compact Speakers. Features a unique labyrinth design with a [...]
Electrovoice EV Interface B Series 2
A totally unique pair of Electrovoice EV Interface B Series  [...]
Goodmans HIFAX 50HX Horn Tweeters
50 watt. Built in 5Khz 12dB crossovers. Cast alloy horn
KEF Concerto
In superb original condition even the B139s are unmarked !
Mordaunt Short Pagent II
An oustanding 2 way design made in the UK Circa 1976 8 inch [...]
Richard Allan CGT 10
10 inch widerange drivers. Cast alloy frame. 8 ohm 97dB. Fit [...]
Stamm 8 inch fullrange driver
The remarkable Stamm 8 inch fullrange driver. Latest single [...]
Two inch cone tweeters
Alnico magnets lovley open sound. Mint condition
Tannoy 15 inch Reds
A very rare chance to Puchase Tannoy 15 inch Reds Today I se [...]
Sansui SP 35A
Sansui SP 35 8 inch 2 way .Fitted with high quality Vifa dom [...]
JBL L-86
8 inch three way.Alloy dome tweeters. Gloss piano black fini [...]
$ 650.00
Technics 5HH17SM Horn Tweeters
Heavy Alnico magnets. This pair is brand new unused. *SOLD [...]
Beveridge RM-3 Universal Crossover
150 Hz  Low pass filter Price on application
Very rare Omar Goring
6.5 inch Bass/Mid 1.5 inch Cone tweeter. Manufactured in En [...]
Coral 4A-70 Fullrange drivers
In mint condition. Regarded by many as some of the finest fu [...]
Goodmans Axiette 8
Goodmans Axiette 8 widerange drivers. Condition like new. 8 [...]
JBL 4315
Studio Monitors. All drivers feature Alnico V magnets and ca [...]
Kenwood KL 3080
A magnificent 3 way speaker system from the 1970s. Feature a [...]
Philips ADZ 3800AM
800 ohm 8 inch fullrange drivers. In excellent condition. Pe [...]