All Vintage Turntables

MBH 14 inch tonearm
Maufactured in Australia 1950s. Very rare. *Post Free World [...]
$ 280.00
Empire 4000 D/lll MM Cartridge
A very rare chance to purchase a legendary Empire 4000 D/lll [...]
$ 380.00
Bell Elliptic 701
A New Zealand made record player of exceptional quality.Bell [...]
$ 380.00
NAD 5120
Belt drive turntable. A unique design that out performs most [...]
$ 380.00
Luxman L&G
A superb Luxman L&G belt drive turntable 1972 Lux estab [...]
CDC ST520 Direct drive turntable. Made in Japan in the Golde [...]
ERA 444
The ERA 444 is a very rare French manufactured belt drive tu [...]
Dual CS5000
Dual CS 5000 Belt drive . Quality German engineering and sty [...]
Dynavector 507 MKII with DV Nova 13D cartridge
This exquisite and very rare combination is now available Th [...]
Garrard Synchro Lab 95 Turntable
A classic rim drive turntable from Garrard in excellent work [...]
Pioneer PL 155e Turntable
A true classic in wonderful original condition  *SOLD* Pione [...]
TECHNICS SL -D2 Direct drive
As always from Technics great performance with ultra reliabi [...]
Connoisseur BD1
Connoisseur BD1 belt drive turntable made in England. This c [...]
$ 200.00
Toshiba SR 510c Direct Drive Turntable
A very rare Toshiba SR 510c direct drive turntable. Fitted w [...]
$ 1,680.00
Sony PS 4300
Direct Drive Turntable. This superb unit features a very hea [...]
A Kiwiana Audio Classic. Has a Shure cartridge fitted with a [...]
Technics SL-BD20D
Ultra reliable Belt drive Turntable *SOLD* Condition is lik [...]
Rek o Kut
Rek o Kut Rondine Deluxe  Rim drive turntable. Made in New Y [...]
$ 480.00
Sony PS 5100
Description. *SOLD* The Sony PS-5100 is a 2-Speed, belt-driv [...]
James Hobby Art
Art works by James Hobby are now available thru VintageAudio [...]
Luxman PD 290
Luxman PD 290 Direct Drive Turntable. Made in Japan. This ma [...]
Philips 977 Turntable
Description Top of the line Black Tulip Model *SOLD* Exce [...]
Thorens TD 280 Belt Drive Turntable
Description The Thorens TD-280 is a high performance turntab [...]
$ 680.00
Technics SLQ 303 Turntable
The Technics SLQ 303 Direct drive is an ultra reliable supe [...]
$ 480.00