All Vintage Turntables

Dual 1009 Rim drive turntable
I was most supprised by the great performance of this qualit [...]
ACOS GST-1 Tonearm
Considered by many to be a much better performer than the SM [...]
Audio Technica
Audio Technica 12 inch broadcast tonearm .Rare
$ 580.00
DUAL 510
Dual 510 belt drive turntable in excellent original conditio [...]
Dual KA 31
We have just obtained this very rare complete Dual system. I [...]
Yamaha TT 300
The Yamaha TT 300 Belt drive is a great performer in excelle [...]
Rega Planar 3
Rega Planar 3 fitted with Ortofon MC 20 Cartridge *SOLD*
Dynavector DV Nova 13D Cartridge with DV 507 MKII Arm
This exquisite and very rare combination is now available .T [...]
Dual 1229 Turntable
This superb unit is now on its way to our craftsman furnitur [...]
$ 880.00
Pioneer PL 41 D
An absolute classic very seldom offered for sale . *SOLD* P [...]
Technics SL-23 turntable
In excellent original condition .The SL 23 features a heavy [...]
Hand cut Macrocarpa Native New Zealand timber. Finished with [...]
$ 118.00
Audio Technica ATN-936
Factory original styli. Generic versions available at $20.00 [...]
$ 28.00
Garrard 4HF[H]
A design classic . Rim drive. Speeds 16 33 45 78 In perfect [...]
$ 680.00
National SL-N15
Linear Tracking Turntable. *SOLD* Features a switchable bu [...]
ORSONIC NC-1 cartridge harmonizer
This unusual device is virtually unknown outside of Japan. I [...]
Garrard SP25 Rim drive turntable
Circa 1973. A wonderful performer in very good condition. Fi [...]
Marantz 6100
Belt drive turntable. Fitted with a new belt and an ADC K8 c [...]
SME 3009 Tonearm
A british classic in excellent condition. Original signal le [...]
Technics SL-D202
Direct drive turntable. Top quality design and performance a [...]
Pioneer PL 530
magnificent Pioneer PL 530 direct drive turntable in excelle [...]
Pioneer PL 15R
Belt Drive turntable. In very good condition. Circa 1974 Fi [...]
Technics SP-10 MKII
Complete with SH-10E power supply Fitted with SME 3012 Tone [...]
In very good condition fitted with the very rare SME adaptor [...]