All Vintage Turntables

Sansui SR 3030BC
Belt drive turntable. Heavy platter. Quality tonearm. Fitted [...]
Pioneer PL 300
Automatic  Direct Drive Turntable. In Excellent Condition T [...]
Thorens TD125 MKII
In excellent original condition. It has been sitting in its [...]
Micro Seiki Solid 5
In excellent condition. Fitted with a Shure M95 ED cartridge [...]
A Classic JVC very heavily buit . A great performer fitted w [...]
Denon DP 59L
A magnificent Denon DP 59L direct drive turntable 100volt. S [...]
Garrard Lab 80 MKII
Rim Drive Transcription Turntable. Afromosia wood tonearm. H [...]
Sansui FD-R35
Auto Direct Drive. In excellent original condition.
Thorens TD 125 MKII
In superb original condition.
Technics SL 221
Belt drive turntable. Fitted with new belt and a Denon DL 60 [...]
Luxman PD 264
Direct Drive . Outstanding design - Superb quality Fitted w [...]
Pioneer PL71
A very rare Pioneer PL71 Direct drive Turntable Circa 1974 [...]
Garrard SP25 MKII
Laboratory Series. Rim drive heavy cast alloy platter. Play [...]
Connoisseur BD1 with Matsushita WM 23A tonearm
A very rare classic combination
Garrard SP 25 MK 1 Turntable
*SOLD TO JAPAN * Brand New old stock never unpacked from it [...]
Marantz 6200
Belt drive turntable.. Magnificent !!.. Fitted with the high [...]
AR 77
Legendary belt drive turntable with 3 point suspended chassi [...]
Direct drive turntable. Heavy oversize platter. Superb rosew [...]
Pioneer PL-6 Turntable
Ultra rare
Sony PS-4300
A direct drive beauty. Features a very heavy die cast chassi [...]
Pioneer PL-12
Belt Drive Turntable. In very good condition. An ultra relia [...]
Technics SL 2000
Direct Drive Turntable. In Excellent Original Condition. Fit [...]
Sansui SR 2050c
Classic belt drive turntable. In excellent working condition [...]
Rotel RP-1100
Belt Drive Turntable. In superb original condition Fitted w [...]