All Vintage Turntables

Garrard SP 25 MK 1 Turntable
*SOLD TO JAPAN * Brand New old stock never unpacked from it [...]
Marantz 6200
Belt drive turntable.. Magnificent !!.. Fitted with the high [...]
AR 77
Legendary belt drive turntable with 3 point suspended chassi [...]
Direct drive turntable. Heavy oversize platter. Superb rosew [...]
Pioneer PL-6 Turntable
Ultra rare
Sony PS-4300
A direct drive beauty. Features a very heavy die cast chassi [...]
Pioneer PL-12
Belt Drive Turntable. In very good condition. An ultra relia [...]
Technics SL 2000
Direct Drive Turntable. In Excellent Original Condition. Fit [...]
Sansui SR 2050c
Classic belt drive turntable. In excellent working condition [...]
Rotel RP-1100
Belt Drive Turntable. In superb original condition Fitted w [...]
ORSONIC NC-1 cartridge harmonizer
This unusual device is virtually unknown outside of Japan. I [...]
Garrard SP25 Rim drive turntable
Circa 1973. A wonderful performer in very good condition. Fi [...]
Marantz 6100
Belt drive turntable. Fitted with a new belt and an ADC K8 c [...]
SME 3009 Tonearm
A british classic in excellent condition. Original signal le [...]
Technics SL-D202
Direct drive turntable. Top quality design and performance a [...]
Pioneer PL 530
magnificent Pioneer PL 530 direct drive turntable in excelle [...]
Pioneer PL 15R
Belt Drive turntable. In very good condition. Circa 1974 Fi [...]
Technics SP-10 MKII
Complete with SH-10E power supply Fitted with SME 3012 Tone [...]
In very good condition fitted with the very rare SME adaptor [...]
Akai AP 005 Belt Drive Turntable
A classic high quality turntable from Akai . In excellent or [...]
SME/ Ortofon Headshell
Rare. *Free Postage Worldwide*
A Magnificent Sansui SR717 Direct Drive Electronic Transcrip [...]
Dual 1229
Rim drive. Very heavy platter. Superb German engineering. Ga [...]
Grace G-660P Tonearm
A rare classic arm manufactured in the 1970s. Overall Lengt [...]