A pair of Goodmans Axiom 401

12 inch wide range drivers. In very good condition  *SOLD*

Image of Axiom 401
  • GOODMANS Axiom 401

A cone-type full-range unit designed for high-power hi-fi, which is particularly powerful even with a 12-inch caliber.

The voice coil is designed to generate heat effectively.

Model rating
Model Cone type full range unit
Caliber 30cm (12inch)
Allowable input 40W (DIN)
Lowest resonance frequency 35Hz
Frequency characteristic 30Hz-12kHz
Magnetic flux density 15,500 gauss
Total magnetic flux 179,000 maxwell
Voice coil diameter 44mm
Enclosure volume 50 ft
External dimensions Diameter 312 x Depth 160mm
  • Recommended enclosure (catalog)

  • Model A B C D E F
    Axiom401 254mm 559mm 343mm 280mm 200mm
    (Note) The dimensions of AB and C are shown as internal dimensions so that the plate thickness of the material used can be selected. The effective volume should not change even if the appearance of the enclosure is slightly different.
    The speaker enclosure shown in the figure should be made of fine-grained single or plywood with a minimum thickness of 2 cm (3/4 “)
    , and the joints should be secured with wood screws and further glued. Adhere with an agent to keep the adhesive surface completely adherent so that air, dust, dust, etc. do not enter
    . Lightly pack about 5 cm (2 “) thick glass wool inside the enclosed enclosure. At this time, care must be taken so that the glass wool does not hit the speaker cone paper.