Acapella 5th Avenue MK1

This is a very rare chance to own a magnificent pair of speakers from one of Germanys leading speaker manufacturers. I imagine they will be the only pair in NZ.
Feature 300mm Bass in Aperiodic Labyrinth. 170mm Lower mid in Transmission Line. 

54mm Dome mid. 28mm Tweeter. The crossover are massive, a work of art. 91dB/1Wm 4ohm

Dimensions 1300H x 410W x 500D. 60Kg each. *SOLD*

Fifth Avenue
The 5th Avenue is a three-way system built as a double housing with an additional upper subbass. The subbass works in a new, open labyrinth, so a clean and deep bass fundament is obtained. A dedicated transmission line controls the depth system. The systems are run-time-corrected. The crossover contains only components for extremely fast pulse reproduction.
Technical specifications
bass 300 mm in the aperiodic labyrinth
TM 170 mm in transmission line
MT 54 mm ferrofluid fouled
HT 28 mm ferrofluid-controlled
Crossover frequency 100/600/5000 Hz
impedance 4 ohms
efficiency 91dB / 1WM
load-bearing capacity 100 watts
mass 60kg
Dimensions H x W x D 1300 x 410 x 500 mm