Akai AA-5210DB amplifier

AKAI AA-5210DB transistor stereo amplifier 1972 year. Japan. *SOLD*

Rare and stylish transistor stereo amplifier from famous Japanese company AKAI. Produced in Japan (1972 – 1976 years) in two versions, but it is this model (with the letters DB) has a noise reduction system and Illuminated VU meters. Has many functions and convenient management. Excellent phono corrector, frequency filters, loudness compensation, 2 microphone inputs and the ability to work as a preamplifier


Output power: 2 x 20 watts / 8 ohm (sinus), 2 x 30 watts / 4 ohms.

It is possible to connect 2 pairs of speakers from 4 to 16 ohms.

The frequency range: 20 – 50000 Hz.

Input sensitivity: 0.85mV (microphone), 2.75mV (MM), 155mV (DIN), 155mV (linear)

Signal to noise ratio: 37dB (microphone), 37dB (MM), 47dB (DIN), 47dB (linear)

Channel separation: 50 dB (linear)

Output: 140mV (linear), 27mV (DIN)

AUX – input for connection of various audio devices.

PHONO – connection of the turntable

TUNER – radio connection.

TAPE – tape recorder connection

MIC (L/R) – connects two microphones

High-pass filter.
Dimensions: 529 x 108 x 340mm

Weight: 9.6kg

The amplifier is 100% functional and ready for listening

Price: $ 480.00