Akai GXC 75D

A top Model in very good condition *SOLD*
92,800 yen(first half of base of 1970 ?)
The cassette deck in which an auto-reverse Recording play is possible.

Two flywheels and two capstans are attached to a machine, and the auto-reverse Recording play of the both-way same characteristic is made possible with the tape drive system which makes a drive belt always drive in the fixed direction.
Operation can be performed only by setting a reverse mode selector to the mode of a wish.

GX head is adopted as a head.
Unlike a permalloy or general ferrite, it is made of a single crystal which is proud of the outstanding magnetic property. Since the whole core is a single crystal object, antiwear quality is excellent, and it is wrapped in super-hard glass with the still more nearly same wear characteristic.
By this, the form of the whole head can be built ideally. Moreover, the recording/play which made the sharp magnetic field on a focus with the small amount of compensation of an equalizer, and was excellent in the dynamic range, or S/N and a distortion are possible.

The reverse mode selector is carried.
When carrying out the recording/play of only one-way one way, carrying out the auto-reverse recording / play of 1 round trip to Non and performing Single and a continuation play, it carries out to Cont by setting a selector.
While this selector had been set to Cont, when it changes into a recording state, it is automatically switched to Single.

A. The D.R (Automatic Distortion Reduction) system is carried,Since a recording equalizer is changed automatically and it records in accordance with the dynamic range of a tape with the level of an incoming signal,The recording in a portion with the sufficient linearity of a high region is attained, reduction of the record signal by a previous distortion and demagnetization action etc. is lost, and frequency-response degradation with high level, distortion, and a beat are stopped.

The Dolby system is carried.
When recording on a tape, and the case of only compass lower than a fixed level with an incoming signal and the whole volume are small and noise is conspicuous, a Dolby system raises volume automatically and makes the whole volume difference compress theoretically. And only the quantity automatically reinforced at the time of a play is decreased, by the system of returning to original balance, at the time of a play, it is taken out as well as an original sound by this, and noise is also reduced.
If the Dolbey change-over switch is turned ON, a high-definition play sound can be enjoyed.

O. The L.S (Over-Level Suppressor) circuit is carried, by switching a switch, when a level is exceeded, even when a momentarily excessive input enters, sound is not distorted but a distortion is pressed down.

The tape change-over switch is carried, and in using a chromium tape, when [ which will turn other low noise tapes on the Chrome side ] carrying out, it moves a switch to the Low Noise position.
This changes the amount of frequency compensation and the engine performance of a tape can be pulled out.

The function of the color indicator lamp which directs each operation correctly, a triple figure index counter with a memory button useful for search of a program, large-sized UV meter, a pause button, an automatic stop, etc. is carried.

The hysteresis synchronous motor is adopted as a motor. Moreover, the amplifier part has adopted low noise and low distortion silicon transistor amplifier.

Dolby Hysteresis
Rating of a mode
Form Stereo cassette deck
Truck system Four two truck stereo system
Wow and flutter Below 0.12%Wrms
Frequency response Chromium tape use: 40Hz – 16000Hz
Low noise tape use: 40Hz – 14000Hz
Distortion 1.5% or less
S/N 50dB or more
Dolbey: 58dB
Head Three heads
Motor Hysteresis synchronous motor x1
Fast forward/rewinding time Less than (C-60 type cassette tape use) 90 seconds
Output jack Line: 0.775V (0VU) / 100ohms (more than optimal load-impedance 20kohm)
Headphone: 30mV/eight ohms
Input jack Microphone: 0.5mV/4.7kohm
Line: 60mV/200kohm
DIN jack 0.4V/90mV(High)/5mV(Low)
The semiconductor used Transistor: 41 pieces
Diode: 44 pieces
Dimensions Width 460x height 146x depth of 302mm
Weight 8.0kg
Attachment Connection cord x2