Akai X-1V

A classic portable reel to reel from Akai features Crossfield Heads plus Deviational Micro-Motor.Complete with plug in remote. Original leather carry case and operators manual. In very good condition. Requires 6 volt Charger/Adaptor

Track system: 4-track, 2-channel, stereo/monaural system

Heads: 1 x record/playback, 1 x erase, 1 x bias

Motor: DC

Reel size: up to 5 inch reel

Equalization: NARTB

Wow and flutter: 0.16% (7 12 ips)

Frequency response: 40Hz to 20kHz (7 12 ips)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 40dB

Total harmonic distortion: 5%

Input: 60mV (line), 0.1mV (mic)

Output power: 2 watts

Speakers: 1 x 3×6″

Semiconductors: 15 x transistors

Dimensions: 120 x 280 x 300mm

Weight: 5.1kg