AUCOM Pre & Poweramp. APA 60 and ACA 60

This preamplifier and power amp was manufactured by one of NZs leading electronics companies  *SOLD*

Here is some of their history

AuCom was established in 1978 by engineer Mark Empson and entrepreneur Ray Archer. The company was originally set up to manufacture a range of top end stereo amplifiers, but was also involved in the design energy saving devices for single and three phase induction motors.

AuCom Electronics began manufacturing these energy saving devices under licence from American space agency NASA. From this technology AuCom developed a range of commercially viable soft starters.[3]

AuCom has since expanded its range to include a wider range of industrial electronics, motor control centres and switchgear.

The APA 60 and the ACA 60 are beautifully constructed and produce a wonderful open powerful and transparent sound

You would have to spend a great deal more to better their performance

60/100 watts pc