Beogram 1000: superbly designed, tastefully styled

*Seldom offered for sale in good working condition. Fitted with an SP10 Cartridge/Styli *

The turntable and overall design was by Jacob Jensen; the tonearm and MMC cartridge principle was by Erik Rørbæk Madsen. 

The First Beogram?

Beogram 1000 was the very first Bang & Olufsen turntable to be designated with the suffix ‘Beogram’. Before its introduction, earlier decks did not, strictly speaking, hold this product name.

This player has extremely low vibration and rumble – a decisive feature for playback of stereo gramophone records, due to the fact that the stylus must be sensitive to vibrations in all directions.

The Beogram 1000 has antimicrophonic suspension that takes up acoustic and mechanical vibrations from the support and prevents the stylus from leaving the groove. In practice, this means that mechanical vibrations from the support or from persons walking or dancing in front of the Beogram 1000 cannot make the stylus jump in the groove. Such vibrations will be absorbed in the antimicrophonic suspension and will not reach the turntable or the pickup.

Equipped with the world-famous B&O ST/L-15 pickup arm; heavy turntable designed as a stroboscope disc; built-in hydraulically damped pickup lift operating by means of a rocker button. Specially engineered speed selector (45 and 33.3 rpm); built-in special centre insert for 45 rpm records.

Price: $ 880.00

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