Akai AA-5500

Akai AA-5500 Integrated Amplifier

I recently sold the smaller AA-5200 model that I thought was one of the best solid state amps I had heard from its era

The A5500 take this performance to an even higher level. Superb !

AKAI AA-5500
57,500 yen( at the 1973 time?)



The whole page direct connection SEPP-ITL-OTL system circuit was adopted as the power amplifier part, and low distortion Oide power is realized.
Moreover, the ICZ stage direct connection circuit is used also for phone amplifier.

Four tape deck simultaneous connection is possible, and also a microphone jack with a level control, a muting switch, a bus treble control, a high / low cut, and a loudness switch are carried.

A power transistor protection circuit is built in and the Puri Maine independent use is also possible.



Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
Music power : 120W (4ohms)
80W (8ohms)
Continuous cruising power : 45W+45W (4ohms)
30W+30W (8ohms)
THD 0.05% or less
Output bandwidth (IHF) 20Hz – 45kHz (0.8%)
Frequency response 20Hz – -50kHz three dB
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono1, 2:3mV/50kohm
AUX: 150mV/50kohm
Main: 775mV/50kohm
Tape Monitor(Din/Pin): 150mV/30kohm
Media-Interface-Connector: 3mV/50kohm
S/N ratio Phono:65dB
Remains noise 0.6mV or less
Channel separation
Equalizer RIAA±1dB
Tone control Bass: 100Hz±10dB
Treble: 10kHz±10dB
Loudness control
(Volume -30dB)
Filter A high filter: -10kHz seven dB (12 dB/oct)
A low filter: -50Hz 12dB (12 dB/oct)
The semiconductor used Transistor: 18 pieces
Diode: Ten pieces
S. C.R.:1 piece
Barista: Two pieces
IC: Five pieces
Power supply voltage An AC100V – 240V six-step change type, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 300W
Dimensions Width 432x height 143x depth of 330mm
Weight 9.9kg

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