Audio -Technica Shibata AT12S Cartridge


Features bonded Shibata styli  *SOLD*

Generating element: dual moving magnet

Frequency response: 15-25000Hz (E) 15-28000kHz (XE) 15-45000kHz (Sa)

Output: 4.2mV (E,XE) 2.7mV (Sa)

Channel balance: 1.5dB (E,XE) 1.0dB (Sa)

Stylus shape: elliptical (E/XE) shibata (Sa)

Stylus construction: bonded / nude

Cantilever: thin wall

Tracking force: 1-2g (E) 1-1.75g (XE) 0.75-1.75g (Sa)

Cartridge weight: 5.5g

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