Garrard SP 25 MK 1 Turntable

Brand New old stock never unpacked from it original box a unique opportunity to own a fine piece of audio history

The Garrard SP25 has a place of honour among idler-drive enthusiasts and particularly Lenco enthusiasts. Jean Nantais, who
popularized the whole Lenco revival, first heard the “idler-drive sound” on an SP25 and couldn’t believe how this little
son-of-a-record-changer surpassed “any high-end belt-drive I had ever owned or heard (Linn LP-12 included)” in some very
important areas: “vastly superior bass slam, overall slam … (and) also quite gifted in terms of information retrieval.”

So in a way, we’re all here because of the Garrard SP25.

This product is currently not available.