The TC-152SD, also called “TC152SD”, is a stereo cassette recorder manufactured in 1978 by the Sony Corporation of Japan. This together with the TC-153SD was the first portable range of professional stereo cassette recorders, based on the newly created Toshiba’s TA7122 general-purpose pre-amplifier integrated circuit (IC).

For the TC-152SD, they utilised this IC together with the 2SC range of transistors, to create a design specification that surpasses even today’s standards. Its circuit is highly optimised, with a low transistor count, which allows the recorder to operate on battery power for a very long time.

Before the invention of the Walkman, if you wanted to travel and listen to music in stereo, then you had to carry one of these on a shoulder strap. It is 378 mm × 108 mm × 238 mm in size and weighs 5.4 kg together with the batteries.

Compared to all the other decks that I have used — many of them famous brand names with high-end specifications — this deck has the best sound reproduction capability because of the unique ferrite head design. Once you hear the impressive reproduction quality of this deck, any other deck with a conventional head will never sound as good. This is especially noticeable when you record tapes on it and play them back on a Walkman.

Price: $ 380.00
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