Supex SDX-1000 Moving Coil Cartridge  This cartridge belonged to an enthusiast with one of the largest collections of fine cartridges I have ever seen. Very very low hours use. Complete with original case It is one of the most sought after vintage MM cartridge produced by Supex in the golden age of vinyl. The details are as follow : *SOLD*

Cartridge type : Moving Coil

Output : 0.2mV

Frequency Response : 20Hz~45,000Hz

Channel separation : better than 27dB

Tracking Force: 1.5-2.1 (1.8 optimal) grams

Internal Impedance : 1.5 ohms

Recommended loading : >2ohms

Compliance : 9 X 10^6 cm/dyne

Cartridge weight : 4.7 grams

Recommended to match with mid to low mass tonearm such as Technics, SME, SAEC, Fidelity Research, Micro Seiki, Zeta, Linn and many others.

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