Yamaha CA-800 Integrated amp

Yamaha CA-800 Integrated amp. 45 watts rms pc into 8ohms.
Switchable to pure class A operation at 10 watts pc. Running in class A through my Acapella Fith Avenues which it drives with ease, the sound has outstanding detail and warmth. The sound stage is almost three dimensional. Condition like new.

*The sound from this is superb – One thing that it’s successor, the CA-810 lacks, is Class A Output Function – The difference between normal operation and Class A on this is breath-taking.

Like the difference between a flat canvas and real life.

It offers 10 watts of this astonishing sound, which has driven Tannoy Golds, Yamaha NS1000M’s and Yamaha NS2000’s with ease.

This product is currently not available.