CORAL STAGE 5 Loudspeakers

The Coral Stage 5 are very very rare speakers. So rare there is not another pair of them for sale on the planet !!!.


Exclusive Wide-Focus Acoustic Lenses
In most living rooms the easy chairs are not dead-center, so speakers that put all their best sound in the center of the room are missing the point. Coral’s acoustic lenses ensure that maximum quality reaches every part of a room or hall. That’s surround-sound – the freedom to sit where the furniture is.

Hollow Formed Cone
Coral cones always sound that little bit different from those of other speakers. The reason are the uniquely blended pulp from which they are made and the secret manufacturing process. The result is a cone with solid surfaces sandwiching a resilient lining. The sound is satin smooth, and brilliant.

The same care that Coral puts into all its speaker components is reflected in the design of the cabinets that house them. But a handsome appearance is not enough. Internal construction is a major factor that influences the dynamism of any speaker system.

CORAL Stage – 5
Made in Japan, 1971

Four-axis acoustics with excellent detail
MF \ HF –
microweave paper – lavsan
LF – paper

System 4 way closed box

For low-pass: cone type 25 cm
for medium range: 13 cm cone type
For high regions: cone type 9 cm
for ultra-high frequency Horn
impedance of
8 Ω
band playback frequency 35 Hz – 20 kHz
Level output sound pressure 93 dB / W.
Program input signal 60 W
External dimensions Width 361 × height 620 × depth 290 mm
Weight 19 kg

Price: $ 680.00