Dynavector SSP/M101 Integrated Amplifier

The Dynavector SSP/M101 is a very rare Super Stereo amplifier developed by Dynavector in the 90s.  ***SOLD***
It is a high quality stereo integrated amps 80/100wpc into 8ohms .It performs superbly as a two channel amp and it can be used for Super Stereo as described here

As stated several times in this literature, SuperStereo was created and developed for realizing the life-like reality of music performance. Variant conjugation of the phase velocity and group velocity components in the sound pressure waves of real music in a concert-hall makes the very comfortable feeling of music to the listeners.

In other words, for enjoying music, Dispersion of wave form is more or less essential, otherwise music becomes dry-sounding and thin like a orchestral performance in a open field.
This means, when we listen to music through audio equipments, played-back sound should be comprised of proper group velocity components through out the frequency spectrum of the music wave forms. As you can notice in many occasions that sound character of music in each concert-hall or studio has strong individuality.
This means that each hall or studio has its own individual dispersive character of the acoustic space inside there.