*SOLD* The Fisher MT-6225 direct drive turntable employs a very unique linear motor drive system, very different from some of the other direct-drive turntables on today’s market.

If a comparison is made, the most obvious difference is the utmost simplicity of the MT-6225, and since this is an electromechanical device, simplicity translates into long-term stability and reliability.

Some of the most outstanding features of this unique drive system are that the turntable platter is the rotor of the motor, that there are no electrical connections to the rotor, that the rotor has no armature windings and that all the complicated electronic circuitry is in a stationary (non moving) position on a single PC board mounted into the turntable base.


Motor: linear drive

Drive method: direct drive

Wow and flutter: 0.03%

Rumble: 70dB

Platter: 12-15/16″, 2.2lbs

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Tonearm: S-shaped

Effective length: 222mm

Dimensions: 17.75 x 6 x 14.25″

Weight: 17.7lbs