J A Michell


Transcriptors (Transcriptor) Stylus Balance Scales

Boxed, Complete and VERY RARE


This is a stunning and exceedingly rare Transcriptor Stylus Balance Scales which is in superb original condition.

It is supplied with all parts and accessories – which contributes to its rarity.

·        Original Card Box

·        Full set of 8 Weights: 0.05g – 2g (very rare to get a full set)

·        Genuine original supplied Tweezers

·        Instructions (includes Sweep arm and Stylus brush instructions)

Putting aside the collectability of this instrument, it is also a superbly accurate balanced beam constructed Stylus Balance Scales. All the weights were manufactured against Board of Trade reference weights and the balance is sensitive to 1/100th of a gramme with an overall weight accuracy of better than 1/50th of a gramme. What a perfect way of setting the down force on your precious stylus.

 A fabulously rare opportunity to acquire one of these highly sought after and delightful classic HiFi items. These are becoming almost impossible to find in complete condition with all the accessories now as most have already found homes with collectors.