KEK 103.2 Reference Monitor

This pair is off to our cabinet makers for a complete re polish .Your chance to choose the finish you want  *SOLD*

. From the Kef Website: Reference Series Model 103.2 (1980-85) Model 103.2 was the successor to the highly regarded 103, and continued with the same two-way closed-box format, using an 8” bextrene coned bass driver which used the new three mounting-point chassis to allow mechanical decoupling from the cabinet. It was designed using KEF’s ‘total system design’ approach where drive units, filter networks and enclosures are studied and developed together to achieve a targeted response. The result was a loudspeaker which achieved a broad frequency response with optimum efficiency and yet a surprisingly small enclosure of just 19 litres. Consistent with all models in the Reference range, 103.2 included S-Stop protection circuitry, and all production systems benefited from KEF’s Reference methodology which matched the response of every system to within 1dB of the design reference, with each pair matched to within 0.5dB of each other.Specification: Model 103.2 System Type: Two-way, bookshelf/stand-mount Enclosure type: Closed box Size: 50.6 x 26.5 x 24.9cm (20 x 10.5 x 9.8 inches) Weight: 8.6kg (19 lb) Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms Rated maximum power: 150W programme Frequency response: 60-20,000Hz +/-2dB at 2m on design axis (-10dB at 37Hz and 30kHz) Sensitivity: 86dB at 1m for a pink noise input of 1W (anechoic conditions) Maximum output: 106dB on programme peaks under typical listening conditions Finishes: Walnut, teak, rosewood and black ash veneers Grille: Black cloth System: SP1121 Drive units: B200 bass unit (SP1075), T33 tweeter (SP1074) Crossover: SP1143 and SP1144 (SP2011 from 1983 onwards)