Leak 2200 Integrated Amplifier

Leak 2200 Integrated amplifier A very stylish British made amp from the 70s A superb performer *SOLD TO AUSTRALIA*

The Integrated Amplifier from which the tradition since point one was inherited.

The output stage of pure complimentary OCL and the constant current drive type Class-A driver stage are used for a power amplifier part, and it is designed carry out the stable operation influenced by neither a temperature change, nor a load variation, a shocking noise, etc. by applying the deep stable direct current NFB.

The protection network which protects a loudspeaker and an output transistor in case of outages, such as output-terminal short-circuit and an excessive input, is prepared.

Since the circuitry which has a difference input in the equalizer stage is used and the direct current NFB is applied to the overall, the operation stabilized strongly shockingly has been realized.

functionalities, such as the BTL circuitry which even a switchpoint comes out and can take out a monophonic output, and a loudspeaker matrix switch which can take out the hole tone effect, are carried.

Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Output 45W+45W (both channel operation, 8 ohms, THD 0.5%)
Single channel output 120W
A total harmonic distortion 0.01% (1W, 1kHz)
0.1% (45W, 1kHz)
0.1% (1W, 10kHz)
Cross modulation distortion 0.1%(70Hz:5kHz=4:1)
Output bandwidth 10Hz – -40kHz two dB (both channel operation, 45W)
Dumping factor 40(80Hz)
Remains noise 1.5mV (volume maxima)
Input sensitivity/impedance Disc: 2.5mV, 6.5mV/47kohm
Tape, Cassette, AUX:150mV/100kohm
SN ratio Disc:-65dB
Tape, Cassette, AUX:-80dB
Allowable input Disc:+35dB
Sound-recording output 150mV
Tone control Treble: �}13dB (15kHz)
Bass: �}13dB (50Hz)
Filter High: -3dB (5kHz), -10dB (10kHz)
Row: -3dB (70Hz), -10dB (50Hz)

Dimensions Width 408x height 132x depth of 313mm
Weight 9kg