Oracle Alexandria Turntable


Fitted with the superb

DYNAVECTOR – 17D3 Karat MC Phono Cartridge

An outstanding performer in excellent condition
When the original Delphi came out it was a must have for any audiophile. It was truly state of the art. But I just could not justify the cost at the time. However a few years later the Alexandria came on the scene and for me that was much more like it. Not only in price but the Alexandria was in conventional presentation.

It immediately replaced my Acoustic Research ES 1. The sonic differences between the two were actually beyond comparison. It was like the difference between a Corvette and a Ferrari. Both very worthy,but the Ferrari is a true thoroughbred. Opted for the Sumiko Premier FT 3 arm. Have had many cartridges on this and none have disappointed. The Sumiko Blue Point now resides and the combination is truly stellar. This combination has prompted me to listen to some analog recordings I have not heard in a very long time.

The Oracle Alexandria coupled with this arm produces a sonic nirvana that is nothing short of spectacular. All the timbres of the music ranch are faithfully reproduced. And piano solos are just breath taking to say the least.

Is the Oracle Alexandria still state of the art?? In my view it is just as fresh and inspiring as it was 17 years ago. And the good part Oracle is still in business so service is readily available. Doubt if you will need it,the Alexandria is built superbly. There may be better out there,but at its price point in the secondary market it is a true bargain of high end audio.
The Oracle Alexandria has a sprung chassis and is powered by a Papst DC motor from an outboard power supply.


Type: manual turntable

Plinth: suspended subchassis type

Drive method: belt drive

Platter: 3.1kg

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.055%

Rumble: -82dB

Dimensions: 490 x 385 x 15.5mm

Product Description