Philips 977 Turntable

Top of the line Black Tulip Model *SOLD*

Excellent condition record player rare
Philips (Black Tulip) 977 Automatic Turntable. Includes the superb Philips 412 MKII cartridge that features the eliptical cut diamond styli
New belt fitted

All in great condition..
including tinted lid in very good condition – no cracks.

Original Philips cartridge and stylus

Digital display of speed. 33.3 and 45 rpm.
Has a stylus weight reader that shows the stylus weight (VTF). No need to buy a digital scale.
Fully automatic for 7″ & 12″
3 point suspended sub chassis. Just like a Linn !
Pitch control for 33 and 45 each.
Quartz lockable.
Start/stop/33/45 switches