Pioneer PAX 20 H .Custom Enclosures

This magnificent pair of speakers features the Pioneer PAX 20 H Driver in a custom built enclosure built to Pioneer specifications

Suit most amps but sound magnificent driven by a single ended EL84 5 watt valve amp
New front covers to be fitted but will supply without if you prefer
These beauties stand 800mm tall x 500mm wide

Form 20cm2 way coaxial type speaker
Impedance 8ohm
The minimum resonance frequency (fo) 50Hz – 70Hz
Play frequency characteristic fo-20kHz
The maximum input 15W
Rated input 10W
Output sound pressure level 94dB/W/m
Cross over frequency 3.5kHz
The total magnetic flux Woofer: 73,000maxwell
Tweeter: 8,800maxwell
Flux density Woofer: 7,910gauss
Tweeter: 8,400gauss
Equivalent mass 11gr
Baffle aperture 172phimm
Dimensions Diameter 205x depth of 100mm
Weight 2kg

Price: $ 380.00