Pioneer SD-1100 Stereo Display


The serious audio enthusiast who has long sought a precise method of scoping and testing his stereo components, with the objective of achieving ultimate sound performance at all times, will find Pioneer’s new Stereo Display, Model SD-1100, to be the most complete instrument of its kind for this purpose.

Here, in one attractive, sensitive unit, is the capability for observation of the various stereo wave forms and a means of measuring the various characteristics possessed by all audio instruments, including amplifiers, tuners, speakers, cartridges, tape decks, etc. From every technical point of view, the Model SD-1100 is an advanced and truly versatile instrument.

You may, for example, use the Stereo Display to observe and analyze the wave forms of the new 4-channel stereo systems while at the same time measure the sound field characteristics of your own listening room.

You can observe a stereo display, measure a voltage level, measure a phase shift by means of a Lissajous pattern, measure stereo sound by observing a difference in level of output signals, even check the frequency response of a cartridge while playing a stereo test record. Much more, too.

Pioneer’s Stereo Display installs easily and with its handsome design will complement your existing stereo equipment. Most important, an investment in this unit will be an investment in unparalleled sound quality.

Cathode ray tube: 75mm electrostatic deflection type

Oscilloscope sweep frequency range: 5Hz to 250kHz

AF sweep frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Dimensions: 430 x 138 x 349mm

Weight: 9kg

Semiconductors: 7 x FET, 68 x transistors, 50 x diodes