Pioneer SX 434 Receiver

Recently serviced, clean in and out,
all controls are noise-free, all bias adjustments done,
new lamps done.
If you are an audiophile and are after tonal quality, then SX-434 is better than something like SX-680, and certainly much better than any new home theater receiver, regardless of price.
It was designed just like a tube amplifier, with transistors being put in place of tubes.
Best used with smaller bookshelf speakers, SX-434 also makes for a wonderful headphones amp, when paired with something crisp and clear sounding like Sennheiser HD 600.
Equally, it’s perfect for a desktop computer system, to add a measure of sweetness to smooth digital harshness.
Do not underestimate its power, those old school Watts go a long, long way.
* Japan, 1975
* 3-level circuit board internal construction
* 15 WPC RMS at less than 0.8% THD
(same as old Marantz Watts, very conservative rating, louder than new mass market receivers rated at 50 Watts per side)
* 30 – 25, 000Hz
* Damping factor: 25
* SNR: 65dB (mic), 70dB (MM), 90dB (line)
* 43 x 14 x 34.7 cm at 8.1 KG
* Speakers A,B A+B, Off; 4~16 Ohms
* Heapdhones jack
* FM, AM, Phono MM, Aux1, Aux2/Tape loop, Mic
* Bass, Treble, Balance, Volume
* Loudness
* FM Muting
* FM de-emphasis switch
* Stereo/Mono

Product Description