Rek o Kut

Rek o Kut Rondine Deluxe  Rim drive turntable. Made in New York USA .Huge hysteresis motor .Cast chassis. Makes the garrard 301 look like a toy !


Rek-O-Kut Rondine


Rek-O-Kut Rondine 12-inch turntables are internally rim-driven and employ a minimum of internal parts, to achieve the advantage of mechanical simplicity.

Cast from an aluminium alloy with special resonant inhibiting properties, the turntables exert no pull on magnetic cartridges.

They are precisely lathe turned and feature extra heavy rims to provide flywheel action.

Also, Rek-O-Kut’s unique self-lubricating ball bearing suspension of the turntable shaft achieves the closest approach to friction free motion.

Beneath these fine turntables lie the proudest phono motors ever made; custom built to rigid Rek-O-Kut specifications and test-checked before, during and after assembly.

The results of this incomparable engineering will be yours to enjoy when you hear a live demonstration of a Rondine turntable at your High Fidelity dealer.

* In stock now but requires a new drive wheel or for it to re rubberized *