Revolver Belt Drive Turntable

The Revolver started the evolution of high performance turntables at a reasonable price Supplied fitted with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge and a brand new belt.
The lid is in excellent condition *SOLD*
The Revolver turntable features a split plinth cut from MDF sheet, the two halves isolated from each other by foam rubber.

The lightweight (1kg) platter is also cut of MDF and is topped with a felt mat.

Drive is via an AC synchronous motor with manual speed change.

Due to the design of the upper plinth arm choice is limited by the cut out provided by the factory.

Most often the deck was supplied with a Linn cut out and with either the Revolver arm, Linn LVX or Mission 774LC attached.

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Drive: round section peripheral belt

Motor: AC synchronous motor

Speed change: manual

Plinth: split design

Finish: grey or red

Tonearm: adjustable tracking force, anti-skating force, overhang and arm cueing height

Effective length: 228mm

Cartridge range: 2 to 10g