Royd Mistral Loudspeakers

*SOLD* A very rare opportunity to purchase a pair of these highly acclaimed speakers
The Mistrals have developed a well deserved cult following around the world and are quickly appreciating in price

Sumptuous exuberant bass with lively trebles that defy the size of the box. With the classic Royd Audio Minstrel there is no need for a big ugly sub. For most people, without spending big money these are about as good as it gets. The Minstrels have plenty of fans that site Minstrel’s as their all time favourite speaker, no wonder they are appreciating in value still. The Minstrels popularity has ensued that Royd Audio have recently began producing an updated version.

If you’re getting into, or back into audio, the most important component is the speaker, and let me tell you that tI’ve used these with a tiny amp with only 30WPC and I was astounded by the lively bass rich sound.

Audiophile magazine (1994) – “Overall, the Royds are a revelation and a delight that I’m loathe to criticise. They’re a unique experience. They’re, a breath – no, a big gulp! – of fresh air. They’re hugely enjoyable – speakers with which to marvel at music!”

What HiFi gave them a perfect 5 stars –
“FOR: Compact, crisp, yet full-blooded, sound
AGAINST: Nothing whatsoever
VERDICT: Another cracking design from Royd; the Minstrels look like they shouldn’t work, but they do – stunningly.”

Audio & Video magazine (1996) – “The experience of listening to the Minstrels was quite shocking. These baby floorstanders play with enormous verve and attack. Pop, jazz and rock got kicked out with TURBO speed. These speakers are pushing the limits for what we thought we could achieve…”

Year: 1993
Recommend Amplifier: 20-50W
Power Handling: 100W
Sensitivity: 87dB 1W @ 1m
Impedance: 8ohms
Freq Range: 33Hz to 20kHz
Dims (mm): 642W x 180H x 160D
Weight: 16.5 Kg