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Loudspeaker Description
To begin with, the SUPER ELF is not just a warmed-over former ELF. It is more the result of long-term observation of the needs of many who inhabit small spaces and/or demand fine tone quality but do not play music very loud.

This does put a different emphasis on the task. It is very hard for a loudspeaker to possess refinement and play loud, likely expensive and large in size as well. (Law of physics, you know.) If, however, one concentrates on purity of tone as a primary goal, somewhat limiting overall power capabilities, then much can be done. Size, shape and cost can be optimized to produce a very high quality of performance. That was the program for the SUPER ELF, and I believe we have achieved something quite special.

The particulars are a new generic form of titanium dome tweeter with neodymium motor, and a damped friction loaded vent inspired by P.G.H.A. Voight. The enclosure is our standard 13-ply Finland birch with or without special face veneers. We are confident the SUPER ELF will set a new standard of performance for a moderate size enclosure at a reasonable price. Your ears, of course, will be the final judge.

Damped, friction-loaded vent design with 5 ½” curved poly cone woofer and 1-in ferrofluid damped neodymium-titanium dome tweeter. Features 13-ply Finland Birch, cross-braced enclosure; Polyfil and long-haired lamb’s wool damping; woofer with 1-in voice coil, cast housing, and 20-oz motor; tweeter with supranol suspension ferrofluid damped, neodymium motor, 6 dB woofer rolloff, 18 dB tweeter rollin filters. Dual Solid brass, gold-plated, dual 8-way binding posts.

Power handling: 150 W max

Frequency Response: -3dB/48-19,500 Hz

Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms.

Sensitivity: 87 dB

Dimensions: 8 ¼” x 9 ½” x 14 ¾”

Finish: Oak or Walnut

Price: $ 2,800.00