Technics SU 3000 Integrated amp

Technics SU 3000 Integrated amp. Made in Japan 1972
In excellent condition  *SOLD*

Solid-state Integrated Amplifier
Circuit system Whole page hardwired-connection OCL circuitry
Music power (IHF) 50W (4ohms)
38W (8ohms)
Effective output (RMS)
At the time of a channel operation of one of the two : 18W/18W (4ohms)
14W/14W (8ohms)
At the time of both channel operation 14W+14W (4ohms)
12W+12W (8ohms)
Power Band Width (IHF) 5Hz – 50kHz-3dB
Distortion 0.8% or less (at the time of an effective output)
Cross modulation distortion (60Hz:7kHz=4:1) 0.8% or less (at the time of an effective output)
Remains noise 0.7mV
Dumping factor 35 (at the time of an 8-ohm load intensity)
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono: 2.5mV / 47kohm
Tuner: 200mV / 30kohm
AUX1, 2:200mV / 30kohm
MIC: 3mV / 47kohm
SN ratio (IHF, A) Phono:75dB
AUX1, 2:96dB
Tapes monitor
Tape1 Rec Out: 200mV / 1kohm
Playback: 200mV / 30kohm
Tape2 Rec/Play(DIN): 200mV / 30kohm, 30mV / 80kohm
Phono maximum permissible input 90mV/1kHz(RMS)
Frequency characteristic Deflection of less than ±1dB from a Phono:RIAA standard curve
Tuner: 10Hz – 50kHz, and +0 -3dB
AUX1, 2:10Hz – 50kHz, and +0 -3 dB
Tone control Bass: 50Hz, +10dB–12dB
Treble: 10kHz, +10dB–10dB
Loudness control
(Volume -30dB) 100Hz, +10dB
10kHz, +5dB
A low light filter 60Hz-6dB / oct
A high light filter 6kHz-6dB / oct

The semiconductor used Transistor: 22
Diode: Four
Power source AC100V, 50/60Hz
AC outlet Unswitched: One line
Power consumption 45W
Dimensions Width 336x height 115x depth of 295mm
Weight 5.3kg