Garrard Synchro Lab 95 Turntable

A classic rim drive turntable from Garrard in excellent working condition *SOLD*

The Garrard SL95 features a weight counterbalanced pickup arm with gimbal type pivots and a rigid design of pickup arm is achieved by use of a slide-in cartridge carrier.

Calibrated pickup arm bias compensation and fine stylus force adjustment are incorporated and the arm is positively locked on it’s rest.

The retractable record platform can be pushed down out of the way when the unit is used for single play and is released at the press of a button for purposes of automatic play.

Further refinements are cue and pause facility, and automatic play of single records.

Finish: polychromatic dark green, black or silver

Type: automatic record changer, transcription

Platter: 305mm

Speeds: 33, 45 and 78rpm

Motor: Synchronous