JVC FS 100 Loudspeakers

Ultra rare JVC FS 100 Planar speakers . Just arrived and in wonderful original condition. Sound so open with so much depth and detail .  *SOLD*

“Each contain 13 drivers. One is a planar tweeter with a flat etched voice coil and the other 12 drivers appear identical, except they are arranged in a 4x mid and a 8x low frequency setup. Each driver is truly fascinating, contain 10 magnets and a continuous looping voice coil and clear mica like diaphragm. The drivers are 4 ohm and are arranged in a series parallel setup. The whole cabinet is very solid but only and inch or two deep with 4 drivers attached to 3 individual plates. The entire design is bipolar with nearly as much sound coming out of the back as the front. The grills have steel rods to protect the diaphragms and the rear grill removes on Velcro

** It has been a couple of weeks of fascinating discovery with these amazing speakers. They are current hungry ! They don’t need heaps of power but they do need an amp that is not weak at the knees. One of the best matches I have listened to is with the  http://www.vintageaudioworld.com/products/catalogue/roberts-sat-50/

Height = 35 in

Width = 22.75 in (panel = 22)

Depth of panel = 2.25 in counting grills

Depth of base = 9 in

Weight = 33.5 lbs each

Product Description

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