Technics SB F1 Loudspeakers

Technics SB-F1  *SOLD*
May1 9 7 9 /  1 9 8 1
High-end audio in small sizes – a dream, isn’t it ?
In 1978 a really advanced bookshelf -literally before its time- loudspeaker design.

High power handling, diecast aluminum enclosures, rubber coating damping, aluminum voice coils, polyamide adhesives, polyester insulation, aluminum film caps, high rigidity woofers, anti-resonant center cap, 10,000 Gauss magnetic flux, linear phase driver placement, linear phase, copper-clad aluminum voice coil 2 or 3-piece horn tweeters, polyurethane free edge woofers – and good looks, too.

Technics introduced a line of smaller loudspeakers in 1979, the smallest of which (the 180x150x150mm SB-F1) was an ideal match for the SL-10 turntable. It not only looked the same, but it also had the same superb (some might say astounding) build quality, excellent sonics, and a fairly hefty price tag.

**It was almost as expensive as Linn’s high-end LP12 turntable (which retailed for £256) at £220 per pair.**

Drivers : 1x 10cm cone
1x high dome with exponential loading
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Acceptable input ; 60W music
Output level : 86dB /1W /1m
Crossover : 4Khz
Frequency response : 50Hz…20Khz
Dimensions : 21 x 11,8 x 12,6cm